BelCanto Retail Price List
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Bel Canto Designs was founded in the early 90s by John Stronczer. Bel Canto produces innovative, high value A/V solutions and features one of the world's most heralded digital amplifier circuits.

Once known for their home theater and multi-channel products, Bel Canto has reverted to more familiar territory and today only markets to the audiophile markets both in the US and abroad.

Bel Canto is best known for their use of B&O's "Ice Amp" technology in their current line of amps. These digital amps are very quiet and provide tremendous rated power compared to traditional class AB power amps.

In the past few years, Bel Canto has made the most in-roads with their line of more-affordable electronics as most of the audiophile world. As most of the audiophile market has priced their gear for the private jet flying audience - Bel Canto represents a more grounded value proposition in today's marketplace.