ALTO EXTREMO Retail Price List
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Alto-Extremo from Germany has been around for 10 years. In this time Alto-Extremo has made successful developments to optimize resonance transfer. The outcome so far is seven different absorbers. 

10 Years Alto-Extremo and still improving

 - After a long test phase the new Neo-Flex, based on magnetic-repulsion, are ready
 - Development and production in Germany
 - The operational safety is important, therefore the anti-slip rings were developed
 - Since January 2016 higher quality materials are used for Lyd II and all NeoFlex

When used properly, Alto-Extremo's absorbers create unprecedented sound quality with better three-dimensionality, clearly defined instruments and outstanding dynamics. Alto-Extremo strive to make their absorbers as flexible as possible so that they deliver optimal results regardless of how you use them.